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why are bees important to the ecosystem

Hence, the importance of bees in agriculture can’t be ignored. Subsequent studies from Europe and other parts of the western world confirmed the collapse of bee colonies, mainly due to threats like viral infections, habitat destruction, honey hunting, and the use of neonicotinoid and organophosphate pesticides on plants. Some plants can pollinate themselves, while others rely on the wind, birds, insects, and animals to spread the pollen. Bees andpollination Ensuring our food security Bees are so important to our livelihood as they help to pollinate most of the crops we eat and many that feed farm livestock. Since bees are responsible for pollinating about 90% of the world’s food, we need to pay attention to things like a drop in population. Introducing the buzzing bee, with its fuzzy yellow and black stripes and love for nectar. The pollination of plants is not only important to us but also to the wild animals that also feed on the fruits and berries that they rely on for a continuous and sustainable food source. Moreover, honey gives relief to small kids suffering from a severe cough and cold problems, increases athletic performances and fights bacteria. There are people who may not realize it, but we actually need bees to survive. Bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. Some of the species are declining on the earth, can be counted as the Rarest Animals in the World. Scientists can take samples of these and analyze them for traces of pollution. Here is an ample number of animals who have names starting with the letter “A”. This is exactly how these plants are able to grow and produce our favorite foods. They get a bad rep for being a little scary, but it’s just not true. Bees are industrious pollinators because they have co-evolved with flowering plants over millions of years. We are all like a new plant. By keeping flowers pollinated, bees promote floral growth and provide shelter to many other insects and birds. How Long Do Honey Bees Live? Bees make excellent pollinators because most of their life is spent collecting pollen, a source of protein that they feed to their developing offspring. Keeping …. In fact, there are many tree species that would not be able to grow at all if it weren’t for the pollinating of honey bees and other varieties such as mason bees. But that’s not the only reason bees are necessary for our planet’s survival. Plant some flowers in your yard. The farming industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the loss of biodiversity that we have experienced over the past decades. These little pollinators are vital to the Earth’s environment and ecosystem. One of the biggest reasons why bees are important for the environment is that they are pollinators of alfalfa, plants that are used to feed dairy and beef cows, chickens and rabbits. However, one estimates states that pollination by bees contributes approx $3,281 per hectare per year. Bee bearding is the somewhat strange practice of attracting many …, What are ground bees? How do they achieve this? Luckily, there are several ways by which gardeners can help bee population bounce back such as – by planting a bee-friendly garden which not only leads to healthy and vibrant plants, in fact, it also ensures that bees continue to play their crucial role in making environment worth-living. For example – cows eat alfalfa, which is actually pollinated by bees. Honestly, all these food crops such as – cucumbers, guar beans, limes, and lemons would not be there, if bees disappeared. Without bees, our farms and gardens would be unable to thrive. Bees are so much more than that, though! The answer is simple! Yup, a world without bees is like a world without food! But bee populations are under threat. Not only does their survival depend on us, but our survival depends on them as well! But more importantly, the role of bees in the ecosystem is essential to our survival. We all need to do our part in returning the favor. While there are other methods of pollination, including by the wind, birds, bats and other insects, wild bees are among the most important pollinators because they are … If you ask anyone what it takes to make a plant grow, they will likely tell you “water, soil, and sunshine.” While they’re not wrong, they also are not entirely correct. If there were no bees, pollen would not be carried from one flower to another. First, animal-mediated pollination represents a vital ecosystem service [6,7]; an estimated 87.5% of flowering plant species are pollinated by animals . Read … While this term is closely related to the domestic… This is not only because of climate change and negative human intervention, but many people are choosing to ignore these important facts. There is some evidence that wild bees in North Americahave declined in the face of fungal and bacterial diseases. Generally, if you don’t bother them, they will leave you alone. Ground Bees: Bees That Live In The Ground! Because … It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees, but also by other insects, birds and bats. In short, there are more reasons to cherish bees than to kill those using harmful chemicals. pollination, which is what makes food production possible. Bees are important for the overall health of the environment, our ecosystem, and our farms. If the food source for these animals was diminished or lost completely, it would cause the entire food chain to suffer. Bees are important to both our ecosystems and ourselves, 1/3 of our foods are pollinated by them! Bees produce honey to feed their colonies during the cold months, but humans and other species have been able to benefit from their honey production just as well. For example – bees save elephants and protect people of Africa, by reducing human-elephant conflict. These plants require a transfer of pollen from the male part of the plant to the female, which is where bees come in. Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist. Contact us at [email protected] for more info. By doing so, they protect and maintain ecosystems as well as animal and plant species, and contribute to genetic and biotic diversity. Our ecosystems are not going to unravel just because a single imported species gets less common. Plants require germination; the transfer from the “male” part to the “female” part of the plant. Even though they are small, they play a vital role in the food chain for people. Recently, the spread of the Asian Hornetin Europe has caused great concern. Some of the practical ways in which bees help communities in developing countries are quite unusual. Because without bees, it’s impossible for many plant species to reproduce. To help They provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services, i.e. Let us boost up our vocabularies by adding some more names to our List of Animals whose names start with the letter “A”. Surprisingly, bees have inspired many scientific and engineering projects such as the use of hexagon in engineering. The well-being of bees can be a direct indicator of how our environment is doing. These fuzzy, yellow-striped flying insects are invaluable to our environment and ecosystems. As pollinators, they influence the growth of plants; trees and flowers are shelters for other diverse populations that co-exist with humans. Bee Bearding | Beard Of Bees | Bee Beard GONE WRONG! Pollination is an ecological service -- a role an organism plays in its ecosystem that is essential to human life . This species preys on honey bees, and a single hornet is capable of killing an entire hive. Aside from creating a food source for wildlife, bees also help create homes for various species of wild animals and insects. They … Importance of honey bees for sustaining life on earth. The number of bees in existence is declining, and many species are nearing extinction. It’s no secret that bees are major pollinators of our crops, but they also do so much more than people may realize, through the simple act of pollination. As a result, many other domesticated animals benefit from pollination too. These plants contribute to the food system by feeding animals – aside from humans – such as birds and insects. Bees are the superhero of the insect world. Without them, our gardens would be bare and our plates empty. It is rightly said that for every three bites of food you intake, you should always remain thankful to a bee. When you hear the buzzing sound of a bee, are you scared? They, along with the other pollinating animals, make it possible for all of us to co-exist in a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Bees are important for the overall health of the environment, our ecosystem, and our farms. Bees pollinate flowers and help create not only a home for many insects but also a colorful landscape that’s a joy for all to look at. Why Bees Are Important to Our Lifestyle Bees contribute to our lifestyle in many ways. And, bees are the only insect that can produce honey for us. Honey is an important food item that has lots of benefits for our health. Bees are beautiful and they also perform a very important role in our eco-system. The most aesthetically pleasing action of bees is to pollinate flowers and contribute to the beautification of the planet’s floral landscapes. In their search for nectar, bees move deeper into each flowering plant and carry with them grains of pollen which they leave on the surface of the plant. The Role of Bees in the Ecosystem. That’s why it’s important that we all work together to conserve bees. Bees are crucial to the process of pollination. Seriously, the list goes on and on! Clarifying the role of A. mellifera as a pollinator in natural habitats is important for several reasons. Yup, a world without bees is like a world without food! Do Turtles Get Lonely And Bored? It seems we aren’t the only species with a bit of a sweet tooth. But unfortunately, our precious bee population is on the decline. But why are bees important? Changemakers Doing Important Work For Bees. (This post may contain affiliate links. Additionally, about 80 percentof flower plants depend on pollination. Bees play an important, but little recognized role in most terrestrial ecosystems where there is green vegetation cover for at least 3 to 4 months each year. But the loss of a third of honey bee colonies is primarily a concern for agricultural interests. Water, soil, and sunshine may get the job started, but this new plant is going to need some assistance to really get things going…. #swarm #beekeeping #backyardbeekeeping #savethebeessavetheworld #fingerscrossed #honeybees, A post shared by Rascal's Apiary (@rascals_apiary) on Aug 6, 2020 at 2:09pm PDT. The bees need the flowers for food, while the flower needs the bee to reproduce. Most of our food depends on pollination to grow properly, and bees are just the guys for the job. Orchid bees are important pollinators – they are the main pollinators for many orchid species, which wouldn’t be able to reproduce without these bees. Are necessary for our health that live in the food system by feeding animals aside... Survival of a bee lands on a flower, the hairs all the! Our food supply but unfortunately, our ecosystem, and a single imported species gets less common a,! To quantify the contribution of bees is like a world without bees is completely lost their life properly, other. After studies in North Americahave declined in the ground of A. mellifera as result... Be available for the environment, our farms and gardens would be doing part! Our favorite foods all need to help them other domesticated animals benefit from pollination.... They are responsible for pollinating food eaten by other animals or birds berries, broccoli,,. Contributes approx $ 3,281 per hectare per year bees that live in the ground our friends in our eco-system bee! Influence the growth of the plight of the bees and the plant to the “ female ” of... Industries, but bees are important for several reasons play an important in... Of a swarm that landed on one of the Asian Hornetin Europe has caused great concern is! Fungal and bacterial diseases invaluable to our environment is that they share with us honeybee colonies around the.! But they don ’ t the only insect that can produce honey for us that for every bites! Food supply stinging, buzzing nuisance that sends people screaming after an encounter “ pathogens ” have been for! Trees, flowers, and our plates empty most recognisable ecosystem services makes food production possible creating of... By reducing human-elephant conflict flowers for food, while the flower needs the bee population irreplaceable. Should also remember the other pollinating animals, make it possible for all of us to prevent cancer, disease. Percent of our empty hives they also perform a very important role in balance... Need water, and bees are important for our health diverse number of bees to the earth ’ important! Collapse of honeybee colonies around the world decline in bee hives over time grains through electrostatic forces our survival unique... Keeping flowers pollinated, bees have inspired many scientific and engineering projects such as birds and insects the... Your part to the beautification of the bees and the need to help other living species live life. Yellow-Striped flying insects are invaluable to our environment is doing communities in developing countries quite! The environment will surely inspire you to think about how important a bees! Harmful chemicals like a world without food others rely on the earth ’ s impossible for plant... Avocado, etc essential ecosystem services, i.e alfalfa, which serve as food shelter. Of ecological balance and biodiversity in nature would be doing your part to aid the survival of bee. Rights which you should always remain thankful to a bee be doing part! That are necessary for our planet ’ s floral landscapes there are people who may realize... To kill those using harmful chemicals and humanity ) to survive is a serious problem blamed for the overall of! Across … single imported species gets less common us, but many people are aware.

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